5 Easy Tips and Tricks for Gardening Beginners


This lockdown has given us endless time and one requires patience to brace the wait period.  While we eagerly await greener pastures, why not grow them in our own backyard? Enter, gardening.  

Gardening teaches one the virtue of patience, brings a breath of fresh air into our homes and is a deeply gratifying feeling to see the first blooms of the seasonWhether you’re a plant parent or a beginner, it’s never too late to sow the seeds of gardening.  

Here are 5 easy to do tips and tricks to help you grow your greens. 


Grow easy to maintain indoor plants 


If you aren’t a natural green thumb, grow these easy to maintain indoor plants that will sustain themselves in low light and water requirements. Indoor plants purify the indoor air quality, while adding a green hue to your home décor. 

All you require is a spot near the windowsill or a low light space, depending on the plant’s light and water requirement, for which a gardener can guide you well! 

Here are some ornamental plants that can enhance the indoor aesthetics. 

Clockwise (L-R) : Snake Plant, Money Plant, Bamboo, Areca Palm 

Water the nodes 

If you want your plants to grow bushier, water the nodes. Nodes lie at the junction where the leaves and flowering buds join the plant.  It is at this spot where the growth and healing take place. Instead of only watering the soil, water the nodes to make them appear like thickets. 

Don’t overwater 

One tends to ignore the water requirements of each plant and overwaters. Overwatering clogs roots as it fills the air spaces, reducced oxygen supply to the roots and eventually cutoff water and nutrient supply to the plant.  

Here are easy ways to avoid overwatering 

Water when the soil is dry : Get your hands grimy and stick a finger into the soil. If the top 1 inch is dry, your plants are thirsty. 

Water by the season : Plants tend to drink up more water in the summers and take up water slowly in winters and rainy season. While watering them twice a day in summer is ideal, maintaining the same schedule for winters could kill the plant, which brings us back to watering when the soil is dry 

Use pots with drainage holes : These holes will drain the excess water swamp in the soils  


Locate plants as per light 

While your sunflowers may love soaking in the sun, a money plant will wilt its string rays. Know your plant when you’re buying them. If it’s a low light plant, a corner near the window would suffice. If it loves soaking some win, place it on the windowsill. 

Make your own compost 

Ain’t no better way to go green with your homemade greens! The material for your garden comes from your kitchen : vegetable and fruit peels, egg shellsComposting reduces the food wastage, turns these wastes into garden gold for the plants speeding their growth.

We’ve also made a video to guide you on simple food composting tips to tackle food wastage.

All one requires is a compost bin, varieties of which are easily available online. 

The easiest way to go green is to grow green. In our present situation, we hope to believe that the grass is greener on the other side. Meanwhile, we hope these easy to do gardening tips will also make one consider that the grass is green where you water it! 

If you’ve got a green thumb and want to explore more of gardening, enroll for the QShala Gardening Workshop here!


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