5 Reasons to Decode Coding

Is remembering a sequence of serpentine coding statements giving you the jitters? If you want to figure out the logic and build the algorithm quickly and easily, the QShala Qoding Seminar has some fun tips and tricks up its sleeve! 

Research suggests that coding is at the forefront of future careers. Coding is not only a learnable skill that is beneficial at the workplace and at school, but also builds life skills from a young age. As digital age citizens, coding helps you appreciate the wonders of technology. Let us explore these below. 

How will coding help me? 

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the brains behind multinational technology company Apple, began their coding careers as teenagers when they created the arcade game Breakout 

Here are 5 cool benefits of coding that could make you the next Steve Jobs! 

Programming makes us resilient problem solvers 

While developing programs, one understands that there are multiple approaches to solve a problem. The iterative trial and error process teaches us that mistakes are a part of the learning process and eventually you learn to have fun while debugging your programs. You fail, try again and this keeps you on your toes till you’ve finally cracked the code! 

Coding builds logical thinking 

The process of coding requires one to look at a large problem piece, decompose it into manageable chunks, organise and analyse that information thus solving the bigger picture. This process, known as computational thinking, teaches us how to think critically, which is essentially logical thinking 

Coding widens creativity 

Imagine being given a problem and you have the opportunity design a solution for it! Coding is like an experiment that piques your curiosity and helps you design your own solution from scratch, also boosting our confidence in the process, not just the product. 

Coding can boost your Math scores and overall academic performance 

Coding can help improve your performance in Maths. When software engineers code, they visualise abstract concepts and apply mathematical concepts in a fun and creative manner to solve real world problems. As you write programs, you learn to organise your thoughts in a logical manner which helps you articulate your thoughts with clarity and improve the written forms of communication. 

Coding is the language of digital literacy 

Coding is the medium of communication in the world of digital literacy. Every alphabet of the English language has a 0 and 1 in the language of coding. Just like learning a language helps us communicate our thoughts and ideas effectively, the 0s and 1s of coding helps us give clear directions thus making us fluent in programming languages. 

Coding is the future of technology 

As technology advents, coding is becoming an essential skill not just in the software industry but in other sectors like ed-tech, health-tech and even ag-teach. Coding improves chances of employability and is also part of STEM programs. 

How do we “Q”ode? 

Designed to help you build logic from scratch, the Coding Workshop in our Tech Track will strengthen your basic coding skills through quizzes, games and activities. The “Q” in Qoding will pique your curiosity to equip you with skills to figure out logic and you could even write and execute your own code to conduct a Quiz! 

Our Coding Workshops will create a toolkit for you, from which you can draw out your own tools to develop your own projects as a part of a game, code and even an app. Here are the offerings 

  • Build a logical sequence to navigate on a 2D play-board 
  • Make up your own language 
  • Role of programming languages in coding 
  • Programming language – Python 
  • Input & Output statements 
  • Looping statements 
  • Processing statements 
  • Write and execute a code to conduct a quiz 

“I did not know there were so many different programming languages before today’s seminar. This is the best I have attended till date!” says Sushil Prabhu of Grade 5, from National Public School, Rajajinagar 

Awesome! How do I enroll? 

Here’s what Tanvee in 7th grade has to say “I learnt from Qoding Seminar that coding is not very complicated. It’s just a set of instructions to run a program and about programming languages!” 

We have had 29 participants in just under 3 seminars and we can’t wait for you to register next!

If you’re from Grade 4 and above, click here to book your slot.  

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