Binila Ma’am-the woman who inspires me the most by Vasishth Rungta

Binila Ma’am from QShala

The woman who has inspired me the most is the one and only Binila Mam. She works for Team Qshala and lives in Dubai. She is very sweet, kind, beautiful and honest.

Binila Ma’am conducts the Qshala Sub Junior Family Quiz and The Qshala Adda. She conducts the two programs like a pro and she is very good at it. Binila Ma’am even once taught us how to make an Oreo Milkshake.
She even plays fun games and organizes fun challenges like Among Us, Skribble, Movie Quiz and many more.

Binila Ma’am is the sweetest person I know. She helped me one day with my quiz I was making for my friends. She gave some new ideas for rounds and many good questions which my friends could enjoy. She sets up fun games like Unscramble, Crack the Code and even a Word Search. We all enjoyed playing that.

Binila Ma’am is the woman who inspires me. My will dream come true once I meet her.

Vasishth Rungta

-Vasishth Rungta (Grade 6)

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