Design Thinking

Children learn the knacks of design thinking and how to implement it

Budding Entrepreneur

This workshop will teach your child how to: Build confidence in presenting their thoughts in a tangible manner. Broaden their horizons and think in a…


Use mental models to learn to say no Simulation of leadership to understand how and where to take up leadership roles.

Finance & Budgeting

Through this course, your child will Learn to strike a balance between Spend, Save and Share. Learn the importance of budgeting income

Time Management

Through this course, your children will learn to equip themselves with various techniques, in order to be productive in their tasks

Focused Learning

This course will teach your child the following Importance of being organized A note on spaced repetition, intro to flashcards concept of SR introduced

Goal Setting

Through this course, your child will learn to: Identify what kind of a learner they are. Set up a goal, support & time commitment using…