Through this course, your children will learn to build the habit of finding alternatives to cope with a crisis.


Through this course, your children will learn to take up responsibility and cultivate the skill of owning up to their actions.

Self Direction

Through this workshop, your children will learn to create a vision for themselves and a road-map for them to work on!

Dealing with failures

After completing this session Children will be able to focus on the reason for the failure and work on the same Children will also be…

Coping with stress

This course will teach you how to: Identify stressful situations and how to deal with it Being aware of one’s own emotions Speaking of QShala…

Health & Mindfulness

Children build a habit for their well being and learn to track the same Children equip themselves with various techniques for mindfulness

Gratitude & Affirmation

This session aims to: 1.Build a sense of gratitude in children 2. Learn how to develop acknowledgement and positive outlook on life

Neighborhood Awareness

This course will enable your child to: Observe small but critical flaws around them and innovative design implemented around the world to solve these. (eg.:…

Home Management

Through this course, you will learn how to: Schedule and complete household tasks Be independent