Curiosity Widget

Let's help your students develop a regular learning habit!

QShala’s Curiosity Widget is an Online Quizzing Tool that engages children through interesting quizzes, updated on a weekly basis to improve the curiosity quotient and general awareness.

It covers topics from history, literature, music, art, sport, science, technology to current affairs which is age-appropriate and interest-based thereby connecting what they study in the classroom to what is happening in the world.


This is completely free to use for the school as well as the children.

The quiz will be automatically updated every week with new questions

A complete activity report sent to the school every month to show the progress

Prizes are not only for high scorers but also for all participants to build the culture of learning.

A weekly learning journal for students will be sent to the school, to be shared with all students.

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QShala, a subsidiary of Walnut Knowledge Solutions, is a Bangalore-based EdTech company that aims to foster curiosity & inquisitiveness, through fun and engaging quizzes!

We use contextual media and storytelling as a means of engaging your students over a variety of platforms, to help facilitate their holistic growth.