DH Sunday News Quiz – 10th Oct 2021


Ans 1. In The News
Mexican politicians were unable to connect with their constituents. Brazilian pharmacies stopped receiving prescription orders and in Colombia, a non-profit organization were unable to connect victims of gender-based violence to lifesaving services. These were just some of the issues caused by a routine maintenance mishap.
What caused all these issues?

Answer: Facebook/instagram/whatsapp outage (variations accepted)

Ans 2. In The News

A particular government entity is the proprietor of over 4000 priceless works of art. It includes works by prominent artists such as MF Hussain, FN Souza, VS Gaitonde and even a unique ashtray designed by surrealist Salvador Dali. This collection, whose value is said to be in the hundreds of crores, will not be a part of the Mumbai-based company’s acquisition of this government entity.
Which government entity, with a ‘royal’ mascot, is being talked about?

Answer: Air India

Ans 3: Complete this series with a mythological name:

Answer: Pandora Papers

  1. LuxLeaks is a 2014 investigative report involving tax havens set up in Luxembourg.
  2. The Laundromat is a film about the Panama Papers and Mossack Fonseca, the firm that facilitated offshore tax havens.
  3. The Pandora Papers is a recent document that highlighted tax violations by several powerful people including 330 politicians from 90 countries.

Ans 4: Anagram
‘The Kingdom of God is Within You’ is an 1894 book. The peaceful philosophies of the book are said to have inspired a particular lawyer’s ideologies. This inspiration can also be seen in the name of an establishment that the lawyer set up near Johannesburg to help combat violence against Indians in South Africa. The institution is back in the news after the MGRO, that has sought to make it a tourist attraction.
Which establishment, named after the author of the work mentioned above is this?

Use this Anagram as a clue: almost forty(7,4)

Answer: Tolstoy Farm

Ans 5: Speak Out
This ‘Speak Out’ highlights Digvijay Singh’s recent praises of Amit Shah. The response quote blanked out is a famous phrase about betrayal, from a 16th century work. The Latin phrase is popularly believed to be the last words from the above-mentioned title character.
What three-word phrase, often quoted in the context of betrayal, is being talked about?

Answer: Et tu, Brute?

Ans 6: But what is the Question?
An answer will be provided and below that three questions. Choose the question that correctly fits the answer provided.

Question A: What is the name of the lead tusker that will carry the golden howdah during the 2021 Mysuru Dasara celebrations?
Question B: What is the recently announced name of the robot that will accompany astronauts during the upcoming Gaganyaan-1 mission by ISRO?
Question C: What is the real name of Akshay Kumar’s character in the film ‘Bell Bottom’?

Answer: Question A

Arjun, that has led the iconic procession since 2012 has retired from this duty after reaching the age of 60. Abhimanyu, who will take over the responsibility has begun the vigorous training cycle in order to be able carry the heavy golden howdah.

Ans 7.

A 2019 episode of the satirical science fiction show ‘Black Mirror’ features Miley Cyrus as a fictional pop-artist whose entire life is monitored and controlled by her aunt. The episode saw fans draw parallels with the real-life #free_______ movement. A social media campaign to help free a 2000’s pop icon from her guardian, a case which finally came to its conclusion earlier in September. Her father was removed as her guardian.
Which artist whose ‘toxic’ circumstances seem to finally come to end is being talked about?

Answer: Britney Spears

Ans 8: Solve the Equation to arrive at the number of unique individuals to have served as US President.

Answer: 45
Clue A: 14- Every team plays at least 14 matches before the top teams head in for the playoffs.
Clue B:
2- Abdulrazak Gurnah became the second Black African author to win the award in 2021 after Wole Soyinka.
Clue C:
17- The recent one-off test made Shefali Verma the youngest Indian to make her debut across formats.

Ans 9: Headline
This headline about the Ordinance Factory Board (OFB) privatization and then subsequent dissolution featured to avian-themed alliterations. The one blanked out of the image is from a popular fairy tale, credited to the Brothers Grimm about a boy named simpleton who finds a uniquely coloured domestic bird. In a metaphorical sense, it refers to something that is a very good source of money or business.
What two-word alliteration has been blanked out of this headline?

Answer: Golden Goose

Ans 10. Rhyme Thyme:
Following are two clues both of which lead to answers that rhyme with each other. Please enter two answers.
Clue A: Historical figure, whose 1940 London trip was not so fortunate for a Michael O’Dwyer, being portrayed by Vicky Kaushal in upcoming biopic.
Clue B: The company Alphabet’s subsidiary that recently launched a service that is the world’s first direct malls to home delivery via drones.

Answer: Udham Singh, Wing

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