DH Sunday News Quiz – 17th Oct 2021


Ans 1. In The News

Manu S. Pillai is an Indian author whose works largely focus on the history of India told in through engaging stories. The Sahitya Akademy Yuva Puraskar Award winner, has launched a new book in 2021 about the life of Indian Maharajas. It examines history through the lens of the works of an iconic Indian artist. The artist is known for his portraits based on Indian mythology, known for their incredible detail.
Which Indian artist’s works feature prominently in this book?

Answer: Raja Ravi Verma

Ans 2. In The News

The Negev Dessert in Southern Israel is the oldest discovered surface on Earth, with an approximate age of 1.8 million years. It is characterized by brown, rocky, dusty mountains and deep craters. This terrain has made it perfect for use as a test surface. It simulates the conditions on the destination for a journey that a European agency is currently planning to undertake.
What will the Negev Dessert serve as a test surface for?

Answer: Mars.

Ans 3: Connect:

Answer: MS Dhoni

  1. He holds the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Territorial Army unit of the Parachute Regiment
  2. Sushant Singh Rajput portrayed him in the film MS Dhoni: The Untold Story.
  3. He served as ticket collector at the Kharagpur station.

Ans 4: Cartoon
This Cartoon about the announcement of the Gatishakti National Master Plan features the names of several institutions. The one that has been blanked out was established in the mid 1930’s. The Delhi Headquarters of this institution features a Yaksha and Yakshini at its entrance. An appropriate symbolism considering they are servants of Kubera the God of Wealth.
Which institution is being talked about?

Answer: Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

Ans 5: Speak Out
The response quote in this ‘Speak Out’ is from the memoir written by an author about her travels post her first divorce. The three words in the title of the book represent her journeys across Italy, India, and Bali. What is three-word title of the book from which this response quote has been taken?

Answer: Eat, Pray, Love

Ans 6: But what is the Question?
An answer will be provided and below that three questions. Choose the question that correctly fits the answer provided.

Question A: Which place in Telangana is the site of the world’s largest Ravan effigy burnings?
Question B: Which place in Karnataka was recently granted a Geographical Indicator Tag for its Pomelo or ‘chakkota’?
Question C:
Which place in Karnataka is the site of the Mysuru Dasara Games?

Answer: Question B

Answer 7:

Blue Origin’s second space tourism flight took place on 13th of October with a very appropriate passenger. On board for the 11-minute journey into the upper atmosphere was a 90-year-old actor best known for his work on a classic science fiction series. The series in question has served as the inspiration behind several technological advancements including the Amazon Alexa and the Smartphone.
Which TV series did this actor feature in?

Answer: Star Trek

Ans 8:

Solve the equation to arrive at a section of the IPC invoked quite often during COVID-19 Lockdowns.
Solve each letter (A, B, C) to arrive at a number. Using the numbers, solve the equation given below.


Answer: 144
Clue A: 19- Veteran actor Nedumudi Venu, who passed away recently had his last appearance in the Tamil-language film ‘Navarasa’.
Clue B:
2- Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov took home the Nobel Peace Prize for defending Journalistic integrity amidst overwhelming circumstances.
Clue C:
32- Harshal Patel took home the Purple Cap tying Dwayne Bravo for the most number of wickets in a single season of the IPL.

Ans 9: Headline

This headline talks of the benefits of a particular breakfast beverage and its popularity during the pandemic. The word that has been blanked out of the headline is a pun on a term used in the context of a person that stays away from alcohol. Changing one letter in the term, will lead you to pun that has been blanked out.
What pun (3-8) has been blanked out of this headline?

Answer: Tea-Totaller.

Ans 10. Rhyme Thyme:
Following are two clues both of which lead to answers that rhyme with each other. Please enter two answers.
Clue A: Special administrative zone that has been in-the-news for protests, and more recently for a sculpture known as ‘The Pillar of Shame’ that has been removed.
Clue B: An alliterative name for a sport, that was used to refer to diplomatic efforts between the US and China.

Answer: Hong Kong, Ping Pong

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