DH Sunday News Quiz – 24th Oct 2021


Ans 1. In The News
A Mysuru-born Indian American recently announced that she will be resigning from her role as the chief economist at an organization. She was applauded for her work during the pandemic, helping this organization manage global economic crisis. This arm of the UN is often referred to by a three-letter acronym that is also used by the fictional counterintelligence organization in the Mission Impossible film series.
Who is being talked about? What is three-letter acronym of the organization from which she is resigning?

Answer: Gita Gopinath, IMF

Ans 2. In The News
VflyX India is a unit of XBoom Utilities Private Limited, an e-commerce gadget platform. They have recently announced a manufacturing plant in Bengaluru to produce devices that will primarily aid in surveying and mapping needs for the Karnataka government.
What kind of devices, a unique move in the state of Karnataka, will be manufactured by VflyX?

Answer: Drones.

Ans 3: Complete the series

Answer: Beijing (Hosts of the Winter Olympic Games)

  1. The 2014 Edition was held in Sochi Russia.
  2. The 2018 Edition was held in Pyeongchang, South Korea
  3. The 2022 edition will be held in Beijing, China

Ans 4: Cartoon
This cartoon shows a major expenditure announcement from the government and contrasts it against a recent announcement by Oxfam India showing its drop in position on a particular index. In this list consisting of 116 countries, India now stands at 101 behind its neighbours Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. This drop highlights the disastrous effects COVID-19 has had on India with waves of unemployment and institutional failures.

What list has been blanked out of this cartoon?

Answer: Global Hunger Index

Ans 5: Speak Out
The term that has been blanked out of this speak out was popularised by American political columnist John Avlon to define individuals on extreme ends of the political spectrum. The term has become extremely popular in recent times particularly with rise of fringe organisations that drive political agendas, such as the groups that instigated the capital riots.
What eight-letter term is being talked about?

Answer: Wingnut

Ans 6:
The Gecko pictured was recently discovered in the Western Ghats. The team of herpetologists that discovered this species endemic to the region and decided to pay tribute to their favourite film star while naming it. They claimed the extremely agile creature was very tough to capture as it would jump and flip to evade them, hence the comparison.
Which Hong Kong-native, a recipient of the honorary Academy Award for lifetime achievement, is this gecko named after?

Answer: Jackie Chan

Answer 7:
The Strawberry Café in Jakarta jumped on the bandwagon of a smash hit pop culture phenomenon. The café serves dalgona honeycomb toffees and other delicacies that appear in the show. The series has seen global popularity depicting the personal debt crisis in South Korea.
Which show inspired this café?

Answer: Squid Game

Ans 8:
This is Rebecca Downie, a 12-year-old that made the news for having designed the jerseys for her country’s national cricket team. Shown below is her supporting them during their bid to qualify into the T20 World Cup.
Which country does she hail from?

Answer: Scotland

Ans 9
: Headline
This headline about an article detailing the food culture in Australia references a 1939 film. The film, based on a series of books, serves as an apt title for this piece on food ‘magicians’ from the land down under.
What is this three-word headline that has been blanked out?

Answer: Wizard(s) of Oz

Ans 10. Rhyme Thyme:
Following are two clues both of which lead to answers that rhyme with each other. Please enter two answers.
Clue A: Nickname of a Indiranagar-based ruffian that has budged on taking over the position of India coach.
Clue B: New shopping attraction in Rajajinagar, Bengaluru, the third launch of a company in India after Kochi and Thrissur.

Answer: The Wall, Lulu Mall

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