DH Sunday News Quiz – 31st Oct 2021


Ans 1. In The News
A popular grocery chain will soon be opening in India. The chain gets its name from the hours in the day each store would be open.
Which popular chain of grocery stores and minimarts, regularly parodied in pop culture, is being talked about?

Answer: 7-11

Ans 2. In The News
This body of water has receded by a metre every year since the early 1960s. Initially, this left behind a moon-like landscape but today has left sink holes all over the local area. This water body was a tourist draw because of the unique effects of its high salt concentration. Which water body is being talked about?

Answer: Dead Sea

Ans 3: In The News
The scientific name of this creature is Loxodonta which translates to ‘oblique-sided tooth’. The name however may no longer be accurate. Recent studies show that the creature has now evolved to be born without a distinctive physical feature that lends it this name. This is a result of years of predatory poaching that began in the 1970s during the civil war in Mozambique.
Which creature is being talked about?

Answer: Elephants (they are now being born without tusks)

Ans 4: Cartoon

This cartoon references the catchphrase used in a series of advertisements that have been running in India since 2015. The advertisements always feature a character portrayed by actor Vishal Malhotra and is often invoked in the run up to a particular meeting of nations.
What has been blanked out of this cartoon?

Answer: Mauka Mauka

Ans 5: Speak Out

The response quote in this ‘Speak Out’ is a quote from a fictional character that featured in a Netflix original series. The character in the series is a power broker and US political figure, who was eventually removed from the show due to sexual misconduct allegations levied against the actor that portrayed him.
Which character is being talked about?

Answer: Frank Underwood

Ans 6: But what is the Question?

Answer: Lucknow

  1. Sanjiv Goenka and the RPSG group put in the winning bid to bring an IPL team to Lucknow.
  2. Bara Imambara, built by Asaf-ud-Daula, Nawab of Awadh in 1784 is one of the city’s major tourist attractions.
  3. Galawti Kebab, from Tunde Kebab restaurant is a specialty of the city. The soft pate dish was supposedly created for a Nawab with sensitive teeth.

Answer 7:
This is ‘Little Amal’, an international art project that will see this puppet travel 8000 kilometres. The work is meant to highlight and draw attention to the plight of a certain group in Western Asia.
Which group’s struggle is this work meant to raise awareness about?

Answer: Syrian Refugees

Ans 8:

Solve the equation to arrive at at the number of faces in a rhombicuboctahedron.
Solve each letter (A, B, C) to arrive at a number. Using the numbers, solve the equation given below.


Answer: 26
Clue A: 5- With 5 races left in the season, the driver’s championship between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen seems to be heading right down to the wire.
Clue B: 5- The first time Liverpool have beaten Manchester United at their home ground by such a margin.
Clue C: 1- In a weekend of high-profile defeats, Pakistan defeated India for the first time in ICC World Cup history.

Ans 9: Headline
An app launched in 2019, serves as a marketplace for users to trade and purchase livestock and other creatures. The app’s name is a pun on the primary items of purchase on the app and a place where one might go for shopping. What is the seven-letter name of this app?

Answer: Animall

Ans 10. Rhyme Thyme:
Following are two clues both of which lead to answers that rhyme with each other. Please enter two answers.
Clue A: Classic science fiction work adapted into a 2021 film starring Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya.
Clue B: Nickname of the ‘town’ which this, in-the-news, football club calls home.

Answer: Dune, Toon

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