4 Reasons Why Public Speaking Is Important

When was the last time you watched a TED talk which left you imbued with the passion to not just create but also share your thoughts and ideas with the world? These are not just ideas worth spreading, but also the way the speaker nurtures it and plants it in our minds. Be it the inspiring storyteller and motivational speaker Jay Shetty or the bold vision of the “American Dream” breathed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr to 2,50,000 spectators gathered at Lincoln Memorial, it is the conviction and passion with which these speakers communicate that make heads turn and listen with rapt attention. Inspired by the great speakers, QShala presents to you Public Speaking Seminar, a stage where we prepare you to share your ideas worth spreading. 

1. Public Speaking boosts your confidence


Did you know that glossophobia aka fear of public speaking,

even beats the fear of spiders?

75% of the people suffer from speech anxiety. These anxieties can get overwhelming and prevent one from sharing our ideas. Public Speaking gives us the stage to practice overcoming these fears or even come to terms with it. There is a sense of accomplishment after shaking those jitters. We can start with intimate groups and eventually move on to bigger stages.


2. Public Speaking improves your Communication Skills

The art of speaking to a group starts with penning our thoughts on paper. The process of Public Speaking spans the LSRW (Listening-Speaking-Reading-Writing) framework. Right from critically thinking and bringing clarity to our thoughts on paper to confidently delivering the ideas to the audience, one practices written, verbal and non- verbal communication which creates a great impression on your audience. 


3. Public Speaking can make you a leader

“The art of communication is the language of leadership”
-James Humes, former presidential speechwriter.
Public Speaking gives leaders a stage to turn into orators, allowing one to influence and inspire followers with the powers of persuasion. It was Nehru’s “Tryst with Destiny” delivered to liberated Indians at the stroke of the midnight hour, on 14th August 1947 which heralded the winds of change for India’s foray into democracy. 

3. Public Speaking builds  network and connections

He took every chance to practice his talk.
Be it a school debate or an annual day speech, the stage gives you a chance to be recognised. When we share our ideas, we get the chance to connect with like-minded people, giving us the chance to collaborate, thus widening our circle. It is a great platform to engage audiences with our thoughts and build long term relationships, formally and informally.  Like they say, your network is your net worth.

4. Public Speaking makes you a confident at the workplace

Public Speaking is a future ready skill that is going to speak for you in the jobs. In an interview setting, we need to present our best selves, when we’re dodging those questions and even acing it at presentations. Throughout interviews which include group discussions and personal interviews, presenting our ideas with confidence and clarity increases our chances of getting that job! 

Become a master Public Speaker with QShala 

Research says that effective presentations are 38% your voice, 55% non-verbal communication, and only 7% your content.

Whether it’s for a school debate, extempore or even a Vlog on YouTube, let’s learn the gift of gab.

Here’s all that we learn in QShala Public Speaking Seminar and Public Speaking Bootcamp

  • Different styles of Public Speaking (formal and informal)
  • Tutorial on writing and delivering a formal speech
  • Do’s and don’t’s of Public Speaking
  • Observe and learn from the greatest leader-orators
  • Final Rehearsal and presentation
  • A YouTube Channel making tutorial
If you want to take stage and share your ideas worth spreading, sigh up for our public speaking courses here
Grade 1 – 3 : Sign up here
Grade 4 and above : Sign up here 

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