Essay for Women’s Day by Mumukshya Baitharu

Mumukshya and her mother

My most inspirational woman is akin to my favourite flower. My favourite flower is a rose: It’s enchanting, and just looking at fills my heart with ecstasy. It is embedded in colours ranging from soft pink to deep crimson, and is fit for any occasion. If you try to hurt it, it’ll return the favour with its prickly thorns.

That is my mother: her angelic smile which fits her beautifully. Her warm embrace is ever-so comforting: just her calling out my name gives me not only succor and solace but also relief.

She’s strong like the prickly rose; she is delicate like the soft petals. Our souls are intertwined, she knows everything I want or need (something which leaves me awestruck till date: I wonder how she does it!)
She is not only my mother: she is every puzzle piece that makes me up, and I owe her everything…

– Mumukshya Baitharu

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