Family Quiz Journal – 20th June

Grades 1-3

Q.1. Connect Question

Find the one word that connects all images

A picture containing shape

Description automatically generated

Q.2. Cheshire from Alice in Wonderland is famous for its big, broad smile. This animal can disappear slowly, and it tells Alice that everyone in Wonderland is mad. 

Which four-legged, furry pet animal, known for catching mice, is this?

Alice in Wonderland

Q.3. Try our Sub-Junior Kahoot Quiz

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Please note that answers for all questions are listed at the end.

Grade 4 & Above

Q.1. John Lockwood was an art teacher, illustrator and museum curator at J.J. School of Art in Bombay in 1860s. His style of art, interrelation of word & image strongly influenced his son’s literary works.

Name his son, a renowned children’s author.

John Lockwood

Q.2. During the Great Fire of London in 1666, Samuel Pepys, a Member of Parliament in England buried a variety of cheese with him in the ground as it was valuable to him.  

Name this cheese that is produced within a certain region in Italy that includes the towns of Parma, Modena, and Bologna. 

Samuel Pepys

Q.3. Try our Junior Kahoot Quiz

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Ans 1. Grades 1-3


[Images: Dora Cakes, Copter Toy, Tokyo, Scared of Mice, Pink Door, Blue Cat]

Ans 2. Grades 1-3

Cheshire Cat

Ans 1. Grades 4-10

Rudyard Kipling

Ans 2. Grades 4-10

Parmesan Cheese

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