Family Quiz Journal – 27th June Grades 1-3

Q.1. Connect Question

Find one fictional character that connects all these images.

Q.2. Common Korean food Jjigae is often served with Gochujang, a spicy red paste made from something that leaves your mouth burning. 

Name this red hot berry-fruit that children tend to avoid.

Please note that answers for all questions are listed at the end.

Grade 4 & Above

Q.1. Shown here is the northeast region of China. It gave rise to which class of Indian Chinese dishes made by chopping and deep-frying a main ingredient like chicken, cauliflower or paneer cheese?

Q.2. Connect Question

Find one food item that connects all of these images.


Ans 1. Grades 1-3

Winnie the Pooh

[Images: Teddy Bear, Phrase used by Winnie the Pooh, the Red T-Shirt worn by him, Honey, Bridge where plays Pooh stick, his friend Christopher Robin]

Ans 2. Grades 1-3

Chili Pepper or Chili

Ans 1. Grades 4-10


Ans 2. Grades 4-10


(Images – Double Ka Meetha is made of bread, Phrase earn one’s bread, Miracle of the five loaves and two fish, Company means breaking bread together, Varieties of bread – Banana, Corn, Rye, Ginger, Brown; Yeast is used for making bread)

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