Harry Potter and its Magical Life Lessons

“Harry – y’er a wizard”. This line by the Hogwarts Gamekeeper, Rubeus Hagrid transported us all into the Wizarding World created by J.K. Rowling, a long time ago. 

Oh! What adventures we embarked upon! Travelling in the Hogwarts Express, putting on the sorting hat, sitting at the long table full of delicacies, Dumbledore’s booming voice and the joy of watching friends become family.  

QShala brings a similar experience for the young wizards and witches through the Harry Potter seminar. Hogwarts is an experience to behold. As kids we all have dreamed of being a student at this magical institution.

At Qshala, we want to make these dreams come true. We want to take you on a journey to experience the joys of the magical world of not just wizards and witches, of curious plants and mystical creatures, personalities shaped from circumstances. We want to bring to you the inspiration behind the creation and maintenance of the ever so loved characters that J.K Rowling brought to us through two hours of questions, activities and stories from the Wizarding world of Harry Potter, aimed at imparting life lessons in a fun manner. 

Every fantasy has something to learn from, a hidden message that can help you develop creativity, find inspiration, create, innovate and learn life’s important lessons. 

Children learn values like courage, learning to give credit to the ones they learn from, being in the present, working towards their success and not hesitating to express their opinions through anecdotes and trivia from the world of Harry Potter.  

Find out why certain leadership styles like that of Harry motivates and encourages people whereas the style of fear gives you a different result. How did something as simple yet so powerful as love destroy one of the greatest wizard of all time. 

We don’t just stop at Harry and You-Know-Who. We analyze the choices made and personalities of the Malfoys, the professors, the Order and much more. Experience the OWLs to pass Year 1. 

Do we stop there? Partake in debates and discussions that allows you to share your opinions and thoughts with other Potterheads. 

At the end of one of our workshops, Rithvik mentioned, “Ma’am, it was epic!”, “The Harry Potter seminar was great! Can you do a part 2 next weekend?”, asked Akshara right after her seminar. 

From learning spells, the wand motion, flying lessons, potions, Quidditch and a ton of interesting fundas, Harry Potter seminar is all about piquing and celebrating the curiosity of every child who believes in the magic inside them! Watch out for this spell conjured up by QShala Potterhead Ariz Zaman that “lit us up”! 

There’s more! Join us again for Year 2, for more discussions, trivia and skill building activities while on a hunt for curiosity built up by finding elements of mysterious objects that help you get to your treasure.  

But before you steer head on into Platform 9 ¾,  to step into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry read your Hogwarts Letter?

Here it is! 


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