4 Ways how Quizzes Up your Curiosity Quotient

Quizzing in its modern day avatar is an activity that combines both general knowledge and targeted guessing using logic. The rush of putting together seemingly unrelated clues to arrive at an answer is one that is hard to match.

QShala in collaboration with Harsha Manjunath and Tony Brian conducted a research to study the impact of quizzing on a child’s curiosity. The study showed that

Quizzing conducted regularly as a learning exercise positively impacts the child’s curiosity because of the effective mechanisms that it employs: asking questions, giving clues, employing visual aid, gamification and other media play a factor in stimulating children’s curiosity

1.Quizzing will greatly increase your curiosity levels

Young children ask close to 100 questions a day. Most children, as they grow older, the number drops to about 20 per day.  The irony is that while our education prepares our children to answer questions, the curiosity to question the answers is dwindling. Quizzing is a great tool to keep the spark of curiosity alive. Curious to know how? Read these! Quizzing always keeps you on the lookout for new resources.

2. Quizzing makes you observant

Why is 21ST June celebrated as International Yoga Day?  What is so peculiar and intriguing about the controversial Mona Lisa painting? Quizzing is all about making connections. With our in-house critical thinking mantra QMAGIC, one can easily join the dots and put and two together. The seminar will use questions and stories to illustrate this. Watch one of our very own QShala kid turned Quizmaster Sambarta Sanyal from Kolkata show you how it’s done

3. Quizzing keeps you abreast of current affairs

Quizzing puts the current happenings of the world and presents them in an engaging and intriguing manner. A quizzer and quizmaster should always keep an eye out for the on-goings in popular culture, sport, business, science and technology. The Quiz Pro Seminar works on building the habits that would build this skill.

4. Quizzing gives you exposure to great reading material

Quizzing is all about using the right resources. Where you gain your information is just as important as how you take it in. With the internet becoming a sink for information from world over, it takes a discerning eye to tell fact from fiction. The Quiz Pro Seminar puts you on the winning track for both.


QShala Quiz Pro Bootcamp


QShala presents the Quiz Pro Bootcamp where we give you the tools and habits to start of your quizzing journey. The workshop is chock full of stories and habits from a team that has 25+ years of experience both as quizzers and quizmasters, having taken part and excelled at both national and international quiz competitions. The QShala team has also organized quizzes including the Prajavani Quiz Championship engaging over 12,000 students across Karnataka and ConQuest National Quiz, a college quiz on the Indian constitution and law.

Our Quiz Pro Seminar would put you on the path to building you out as a quizzer. Designed by a team of curiosity experts with 20+ years of experience in national and international levels of quizzing, Quiz Pro Bootcamp is an intensive program which prepares children for competitive levels of quizzing. One of the biggest challenges children face with competitive quizzing is the lack of guidance to be synthesise relevant information and performance anxiety in a stressful environment. The offerings of Quiz Pro Seminar and Bootcamp will help us with
  • Mock Quiz
  • Quizzing hacks to clear preliminary rounds
  • Tricks to tackle different formats of questions
  • Recommended Reads and Resources
  • Exposure to a diverse range of topics, including current affairs
  • Team building 
  • Skills to overcome performance anxiety

Here’s what one of our parents. Sujatha Ratnala has to say, “My nine year old loved the classes and is looking forward for attending the next module. From what he has shared, there were a variety of interesting topics, ranging from Indian currency, Google and Infi Start-up story, branding and inspirations for improving quizzing schools. I would recommend it for curious kids.”

If you are from grade 4 and above and want to level up with quizzing, hit the buzzer..err..click the registration link to sign up for the Bootcamp. Psst..You also get to meet our very own founders, the brains behind QShala and grand quizmasters Raghav and Sachin. Fire away your questions away!

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