Junior Programs

Junior Programs

It takes 10,000 hours to master a skill!

QShala helps your child build a skill, nurture and master it! Sustaining mastery? Comes with staying curious! Every child is unique and QShala's unique learning programs help unleash their curiosity!

Here's what you'll find below!

  • 8 different learning tracks - each designed around a 21st-century skill that every child needs!
  • Each learning track has 9 workshops, the ideal time duration we recommend your child spend with us for you to see a transformation!
  • Finally, each learning track of 9 workshops has been grouped as 3 sets of 3 workshops each!
    Each of these workshops are 60-min LIVE workshops conducted on Zoom. You can purchase a single workshop, a set of 3 workshops or an entire learning track.

Quiz Pro

Quiz"mastery" with Quiz Pro

World of Fantasy

Unlock your imagination with World of Fantasy

Literary Skills

Self expression using Literary Skills

Citizen Skills

Progressive problem solvers with Citizen Skills