My Grandmother by Arnav Prasanna

Arnav with his grandmother

The woman who inspires me most is my grandmother, Jeyalakshmi. When my father was small, my grandmother got the job of a teacher at a government school in a small town. It was very far away from her place but she took it to help her family.

Every Monday morning at 3 am she would wake up and catch a 4 am bus to go to the far away place and after school she would live alone in a room next to the school for the whole week. On Friday afternoon after school she would take a bus to go home.

The children in her school were from poor houses and most of their parents were uneducated. Many people asked my grandmother to leave the job as she was only seeing her children in the weekend but she said “The life of my children and the children whom I am teaching are equally important.”

Thanks to teachers like my grandmother all those students became successful in life. I love my grandmother and I am very proud of her.

— Arnav Prasanna (Grade 4)

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