QShala Adda : A Curiosity Platform by, for and of the Children!

Why is the sky blue? Where do babies come from? How do birds fly? How much salt is in the ocean? What is God? Research suggests that children ask up to 73 questions a day. As their inquisitiveness peaks at four, the fewer the answers parents and teachers have and while we run to our one stop shop, Google, to dodge these curveballs, the more our QShala kids are persistent and want you to keep your thinking caps on! Presenting to you QShala Adda, an initiative by kids to promote young quiz masters and ask questions that keep the childlike joy of learning alive.

What began as a request by one of our students to stay back after class to present their topics of interests, officially piloted as the first Adda on 18th June 2020 with 19 students joining in from various batches of our L2 Program. It was initially restricted to one batch where the children would create their own questions and get a taste of what it feels like to be a Quizmaster on Zoom. A potpourri of topics emerged : From Rounaak Shiv quizzing us on Chola Dynasty, to Samrudh giving us new information on Mahatma Gandhi, to chocolates, to programming, to Harry Potter, we discuss everything under the sun, and about the sun. In fact, Vinayak Parab popped a quiz on Music as a theme. The children introduced themselves with their favorite song, striking a chord with our enthusiastic bunch.
The 25 min quiz, begins with an ice breaker, where kids get a prompt to share their week. The segment is taken over by 3 quiz masters, each of whom have a 10 minute slot to present their topic. They can either create 4 rounds of a Pot Pourri format or create a 10 question round on Kahoot, a game-based learning platform. At the end of every quiz, we ask who would like to present next. The first 3 to type their consent on chat get to present the next week on 3 different topics.
Right from creating engaging questions in a given format, to timing their presentation, to checking their chats that are flooded with answers, while simultaneously giving clues to others to nudge them towards the answers, the kids deal with nittie-gritties a quizmaster handles in that situation. The holistic experience of being a quiz master makes them confident learners and they fondly cherish these memories even after the quiz. “It was an awesome experience for me. I learnt so many things when I was making the PPT things. Thanks Walnut QShala for giving me the opportunity for being a quizmaster. I’m really excited, even after the quiz.” says Filza.
A theme that has emerged strongly is peer to peer learning. A report in the recently released National Education Policy 2020, suggests Peer Tutoring as a learning model which is suitable for all categories, business and personal presentations. We have seen this aspect come alive in the Adda, where children are constantly seeking inspiration and information from their peers.
On 30th July, in the seventh addition of Adda, we had our first Sub-Junior Adda, where 3rd graders Filza and Ananya, took stage. From outer space, we dived into the depths of the ocean, with 4 rounds of questions carefully crafted by our Sub-Junior Quizmasters. Team Walnut QShala was on the other side of the table, and we were beaming with pride to be learning from our little ones! “I just wanted to appreciate you guys for the great work your doing with Ananya! I am very glad that you listen and acknowledge her ideas and even execute them. Be it the presentation in the class or the quiz, it helps in building her confidence. I am really happy to have enrolled her in Qshala!” wished Ananya’s mother.
So if you’re ready to be quizzed, join us here, in n2 Addas for Junior and Sub Junior

Sub Junior Adda : Grades 1 – 3
Every Tuesday at 5PM

Register here for Sub junior Adda:

Meeting ID: 892 8662 5964

Junior Adda : Grades 4 and above
Every Thursday at 5PM,

Register in advance for this meeting:

Meeting ID : 884 6446 0210
Passcode : 446344

As we gather round the table every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 5PM. Only this time the tables have turned and we’re happy to be at the receiving end!

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