QShala Curiosity Widget Learning Journal – Week 7

Grades 1-3

Q.1. People across the world have been drawing this green giant to mark the 20th anniversary of which animated movie?

a. Minions
b. Monsters Inc.
c. Wall E
d. Shrek

Q.2. Shown here is Koneru Humpy, the world’s No. 3 player in which board game?

a. Hockey
b. Chess
c. Table Tennis
d. Badminton

Q.3. Alphonso, Kesar, Dasehri are all varieties of which seasonal fruit?

a. Mango
b. Apple
c. Banana
d. Pineapple

Grade 4 & Above

Q.1. NABISCO recently launched this special triple layer Oreo in honour of which country’s Olympics team?

a. Japan
b. USA
c. India
d. Germany

Q.2. Shown here is a snippet from Doordarshan show based on the life of which author who turned 87 years old in May 2021?

a. Ruskin Bond
b. Prem Chand
c. Vikram Seth
d. Shashi Tharoor

Q.3. For the first time, a popular structure was lit up by electricity produced from renewable hydrogen. Name this structure that expands a few centimeters every year because of heat?

a. Burj Khalifa
b. Statue of Liberty
c. Empire State Building
d. Eiffel Tower


Ans 1. Grades 1-3

Did you know Shrek is based on William Steig’s 1990 children’s book of the same name! And the name Shrek is the the Yiddish word for “terrible”.

Ans 2. Grades 1-3

Koneru Humpy, along with other Chess Grandmasters have decided to play online exhibition games to support COVID-19 relief in India. Born in Andhra Pradesh, she is currently the World No.3 Chess player!

Ans 3. Grades 1-3

Mango is known as the ‘King of Fruits’. The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and the cyclonic storm Tauktae have affected the livelihood of mango farmers in India.

Ans 1. Grades 4-10

NABISCO launched the special triple layer Oreo ahead of the Tokyo Olympics. The red, blue and white layers in the Oreo represent the colours of the USA flag.

Ans 2. Grades 4-10

Ruskin Bond’s wide range of short stories, novels, essays and poems have inspired many budding writers for the past many decades.

Ans 3. Grades 4-10

This is the first time that the Eiffel Tower is lit using renewable hydrogen. This was done to raise awareness about renewable sources of energy.

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