QShala with Rotary Bangalore Lakeside : Freedom from Illiteracy

On 23rd February 1905, Paul P. Harris, a Chicago based attorney founded Rotary International, so that professionals with diverse backgrounds could exchange ideas and form meaningful, lifelong friendships.Initially, the members took turns to host weekly club meetings at each other’s offices, hence giving rise to the name Rotary. QShala partnered with Rotary Bangalore Lakeside for the QShala Sunday Family Quiz Independence Day Edition, held on 16th August 2020. The questions encouraged the participants to travel back in time, re-visit the historic events and cultural diversity of India.
We honoured the contributions of freedom fighters and social reformers with references to television shows, movies, documentaries and books.
While India has been free from the British rule for the past 74 years, she is still plagued by issues like lack of access to basic sanitation, healthcare and education.
According to the National Sample Survey Organisation’s 2017-18 household survey the number of out-of-school children in India (6-17 years) at 3.22 crore. And the economic problems associated with the pandemic are just going to it difficult for students to return to school. Hence, Rotary Bangalore Lakeside is organizing a Virtual Run to raise funds, in order to: 1) Provide infrastructure to teachers and students of Government school to attend classes. 2) Provide scholarships to intelligent kids of disadvantage class to support them to have sustainable and dignified life. Through this collaboration, QShala Family Quiz aims to amplify the support of the community in making education accessible to all and meaningfully engaging the students during the lockdown. Here’s what the participants had to say about this initiative-
” Interesting concept!” -Parnika Roy
“Thanks for doing this. Often we don’t remember our privilege, in being able to sit at home and attend school (or participate in quizzes)!” -Rajiv Ratnam
“Good Initiative” – Balu Nagarajan
Wondering how you can do your part? Just follow these steps: 1) Register for the Virtual Run by clicking here 2) Fill all the details in the Registration form 3) Select the marathon category in the form -3K/ 5K/ 10K/ Half Marathon. Complete that distance on 22nd or 23rd August 2020. 4) Record your activities in any GPS tracking app. Share the activity in the form of link or screenshot to Ph: 8693908342 on Whatsapp. All participants shall be awarded e-certificates.
So, who are you taking this Virtual run with? Comment below who you’ll be taking this run with and don’t forget to spread the word!
Also, if you know the answers to the above 2 questions, comment below!

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