Reap the Benefits of the Lockdown with a Free Family Quiz presented by QShala!

It has been almost 3 months since the nationwide lockdown was announced to curb the spread of a virus, which although invisible to the naked human eye, has usurped the global community. The streets emptied itself of traffic and the homes resounded with families bonding. Homes turned into restaurants, schools and offices all at once. The learning never stopped; The lockdown unlocked the gates of online education.

At Walnut Knowledge Solutions we rode the wave, with our online learning offerings. From quizzes to skill-based activities, the hero has emerged as Family Quiz. What better time than lockdown to create a common classroom for parents, children and even grandparents under the same roof of this new home turned school! Our quizzes are packed with fun and light questions, accessible to all ages, thus requiring little or no preparation. It has been sheer joy to watch families cracking these questions and passing on high fives and wide smiles, bringing back the nostalgia of the Bournvita Quiz Contests from the 90s. From 50 families in the first edition, we’re now stepping into the 12th week of this edition, we families joining us from Norway, Japan, UAE, and the USA.
The quest for curiosity extended beyond families and homes and reached societies and even companies. We are thought partnering with companies with a unified purpose of spreading awareness and knowledge with themed quizzes.  On 31st May, we partnered with The Arundhati Foundation to conduct a Safety Themed quiz, Saftey Quest for a global audience. We had 580 families join us from places far and wide : from Mysore to Delhi  from Tokyo to California! Keeping in line with the theme of the safety, quizzers engaged with questions even on the recent developments on safety. The questions were crafted with the intent to spark conversations about the issues underlying  safety beyond the 1 hour Zoom Session. Originally designed for children, it was heartwarming to see parents join their kids too. Here’s what Shakula Thakur,  a parent from Mumbai has to say. “The Arundhati Foundation supported Qshala SafetyQuest today has changed the way my family and I look at safety. Apart from being extremely informative, the way the questions were designed, compel one to think of, not just answers, but the issues underpinning these questions. It made learning about safety fun and engaging. The Arundhati Foundations quiz has really turned around my idea of how Safety Awareness can be spread. Although it was primarily targeted to reach children, I think (speaking from experience ) that adults would find it equally interesting.”
Another partnership we are eagerly looking forward to is the civic problem solvers at Reap Benefit Benefit! Tailored around solving civic problems innovatively and environmental protection, here’s your opportunity to brush up your knowledge and trivia on active citizenship on 21st June, Sunday. For kids aged 6+ and their parents, here’s your chance to check your Citizenship Quotient and join this Family Quiz and even win prizes, all from the comfort of your home
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