Teacher’s Forum

Teacher's Forum​

The Teacher’s Forum is a support community for teachers who work towards the common goal of making their online classes more fun, interactive, and engaging for their students.

A part of this forum is the Online Teaching Webinar series, which is an initiative started keeping in mind the rapidly changing teaching scenario across the world.

Benefits of Teacher's Forum

  • Teachers get to collaborate and share their experiences and some best practices they’ve followed in their sessions.

  • We introduce teachers to several activities, provide exposure to various resources for their specific needs, and also share resources that would be of value to teachers.

  • We help teachers deal with the shift from a physical to a virtual environment and help them create a great learning experience for their students.

  • In our webinars, teachers learn about various techniques and strategies they can use and implement in their online classrooms.



About QShala

QShala works with children across all ages to help them acquire a mindset of lifelong learning.

Started in 2014, QShala has always been rooted in the process of quizzing to help children build a clearer, deeper understanding of the world around them.

We see asking questions as a way of building context and connections in the world that surrounds us. Our program uses questions along with comprehension, context building, listening, storytelling and many more activities to help kids construct a framework of how to think.

In our world, every child gets the opportunity to question, be heard, and be answered.

Come join us as we celebrate Questions, Quests, and Quriosity!​