What is your Child’s Superpower?

The 21st century is defined by globalization, consumerism, and a digitizing society, even before COVID-19 struck. Six months into a global pandemic, the world is changing even more rapidly — who imagined that would be possible! Which means that the education, knowledge and skills that worked for us so far won’t be enough for our children.
A child of the future does not have to memorise the multiplication tables or remember the chemical name for salt, like we did. They can use a calculator or like the kids say, ‘just Google it’. What they need instead is a more analytical and critical approach to learning.
For instance, they need to understand the basics of finance and budgeting — because it’ll help them invest intelligently and become better entrepreneurs in the future. Or know problem-solving by elimination — because that will help them write code. Or be able to debate meaningfully — because the social media world will be louder and more polarised as it evolves.
Schools and colleges haven’t yet figured out a universal way to teach these skills. Because teaching ‘problem-solving’ is more complex than teaching ‘algebraic formulae’.
QShala strives to fill that gap. We believe that these skills will stem from a fundamental superpower: Curiosity.
In its simplest form, curiosity is the desire and active pursuit of learning new things. When a child asks, “how many stars are there in the sky?”, it opens their eyes to a world beyond their immediate surroundings. When they ask, “why don’t women’s clothes have pockets?”, they are ready for a complex and nuanced understanding of the world. Like the child who asked one of our teachers, Ranjeetha Golde, “how about providing jobs to the terrorists, which can potentially eradicate terrorism?” is honing their leadership skills.
Unlike ever before, today, there is enough fodder for the curious mind at their fingertips. They can type each of these questions into any search engine and find a reasonably accurate answer. In the 21st century, answers are easy to find. Does your child have the right questions that will jumpstart their journey?
If they do, great, encourage them. Guide them towards asking the right questions and being persistent about finding answers. If they don’t, encourage their curiosity. We, at QShala, offer multiple workshops and online seminars to do this. Across 50 skill sets that prepare your child for success in the 21st century, we have something for children of all age groups.
Aren’t you curious? Learn more here.

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